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Vegas Poker Run Benefit

  • 3-player Scramble
  • 2 teams per hole
  • $20 for members / $40 for guests

Each lady in the group gets one additional card to start. Each team draws 2 cards to start and places them on the poker table by their name.  Each participating team will have an opportunity to keep, lose, or gain more cards throughout the round.

  • Bogie – lose a card
  • Par – keep your card
  • Birdie – earn 1 additional card
  • Eagle – earn 2 additional cards
  • Double eagle – earn 4 additional cards

Assuming a birdie on each par 3 and 4, and an eagle on both par 5s, there would be an opportunity to earn up to 22 more cards on the course in addition to the 2 drawn before the round. The score card is given to the dealer (the pro) at the score table. Only the dealer can touch the table or the cards. The house dealer then deals cards down on the table next to the team name. Teams can make the best hands out of the provided cards. The dealer will deal the “flop”, “turn” and “river” community cards after every score card is turned in and all team cards are placed on the table. Must be present to win.
The best hand (5 cards) wins the Hidden Trails Hold’em Tournament.
Prizes are given in Pro Shop credit.

Fun Games:

Ka Ching-o-Ring – #14
Pay $10 on a par 3, hit the green, and your name goes on a ticket to be drawn after the round. Winner splits the pot with the Vegas fund.

Die Hard – #7
Pay $10 for a roll of a die, or $15 for a roll of 2 dice, and receive a ticket for each point you roll. Drawing after the round. Winner splits the pot with the Vegas fund. 

Deal-a-Wheal – at the Turn
Pay $5 to spin the wheel. Whatever it lands on, you get. Prizes include beer or non-alcoholic drinks, 1-2-3 extra dealt cards, margarita or club special, mixed drink (under $10), $10 Shop credit, $20 Shop credit, round of golf guest pass, brunch, and jackpot! (jackpot means you win nothing). Any proceeds go to the Vegas fund.

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