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SpeedGolf Challenge

9-Hole SpeedGolf Challenge - Smash & Dash

2 Man Alternate Shot • $10 per Person

Teams will be ranked on time and score for each flight. The lowest combined ranking wins.  1st and 2nd will be paid in each flight. Round is complete when the card is turned into the score table in the grill.


Choose your man or we will choose for you.
No handicap, but the field will be split by flights.  
Each person gets his own Hidden Trails Golf Cart.  No personal Carts. 

Handicaps determine tees for each individual.
0-10 from Blues
11-20 From the Whites
21+ and Seniors 65+ from the Golds
Ladies from the Reds

Choose who tees off first. P1 tees off, P2 heads down the fairway or rough waiting for the ball to land. As soon as it stops, the ball can be hit again by P2. P1 is now driving to the green to arrive as the ball lands and can chip or putt. P2 is there to tap it in. P1 must wait to make sure the putt is made, and the next tee shot must be played with the same ball as holed on the last hole. Strategy, endurance, skill, and most importantly integrity, will all be tested.

One flight will play odd holes, and one flight will play even holes.  Completing 9 total.


Safety first! Be careful not to hit your partner. If a person or cart is hit by a ball, the team is Disqualified.

Be careful with the carts! They go just fast enough to damage you and property. You are responsible for the cart and what you do with it. Any dangerous activity witnessed and reported, the team will be disqualified.

A team going from one hole to another cannot disturb the team on the hole being passed.  They must pass without interrupting or endangering others. If not, the team will be disqualified.

If a team catches another team, they must not hit into another team. If so, that team will be disqualified. If a team holds up another team for more than one hole, it will be required to wait for the other team to play through on the next tee box. Failure to allow faster teams through will be disqualified.

Each hole must be holed out. There are no "give me's"! Anyone witnessed not holeing out a putt with the correct partner, the team will be disqualified.

Carts must remain off of tee boxes, and remain completely on the cart path by the tee boxes.  Any carts witnessed off the path closer to the tee box, will be considered taking a short cut and will be disqualified for cheating.

Carts must park behind the white line, and no nearer to the green then the distance to the white line. If the white line in the fairway is 30 yards, then a cart can not park nearer than 30 yards around the circumference of the green unless a cart path allows it. Any teams witnessed passed these areas, will be considered cheating and will be disqualified.

Teams are encouraged to take pictures of other teams cheating by parking or driving where prohibited. The entire Field is the jury.

No cheating!  Any cheating will result in disqualification.

Happy Hour (all day!)

Hors d'oeuvres and great drink specials (beginning at 4:00 p.m.):

$2 domestic beers
$3 import beers
$4 margaritas and club specials

Earlier Event: February 28
Fat Tuesday
Later Event: March 9
Fried Chicken Lunch Buffet