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Mega Wolf Golf Tournament

$20 per player | Begins at 5:30 p.m.

Dividing Teams

As always, individuals must register before 5:00 p.m. Events are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The field is divided into four teams: A, B, C, D. It starts with the lowest handicap and is counted off to the highest handicap, in order.

Ex. 20 Players
Group 1  A, B, C, D  (4 lowest handicaps)
Group 2  D, C, B, A  (4 next lowest handicaps)
Group 3  A, B, C, D  (4 next lowest handicaps)
Group 4  D, C, B, A  (4 next lowest handicaps)
Group 5  A, B, C, D  (4 next lowest handicaps)

Once divided, handicaps are not adjusted since each were already playing with players with similar abilities (there may be instances where we have to make subtle adjustments depending on who shows up in order for it to be fair, but will try to avoid, if possible.)

This method ensures the most even teams. Groups are not teams! All the A’s are a team, B’s are a team, C’s are a team, D’s are a team. “Groups” are who you play against.

The goal – win as many points as possible in your group to help your team win.
Your points gained during the 9 hole round are combined with all others on your team (all the A’s.) The team with the most overall points wins.

$10 in, $40 back in gift certificates. 25% of the field is paid.
In case of a tie, the money is split between the two teams. $10 in, $20 paid to each player in the tying teams. All scorecards are turned in for handicap purposes. Please complete each hole.

How To Play

Wolf is a points game for a group of four golfers.

Players rotate being the “Wolf.” The player designated as the “Wolf” on a hole gets to choose whether to play the hole 1-vs.-3 (himself against the other three players in the group) or 2-vs.-2.

If the Wolf chooses to play 2-on-2, he must choose his partner immediately following that player’s drive.
Example: Player A is the Wolf. Player B hits a bad drive. Player C hits a pretty good drive. 
If the Wolf wants C as a partner, he must claim his partner before Player D tees off.

The side with the lowest better ball score wins the hole. If it’s 2-on-2, then the winning side wins the bet. 
If it’s 1-on-3, 3 points are awarded. Either 1 to each of the 3, or 3 to the lone Wolf.

There’s also Blind Wolf, in which the Wolf announces before anyone tees off (including himself) that he’s going it alone, 1-on-3.
On a Lone Wolf hole, the Wolf can win double the points, 3x2=6...typically in desperation.

Players rotate in order. Order is determined by tossing the tee on the first tee box.

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