Meet "Brick, the Puttinator"

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100 3-foot putts per day


50 10-20 foot putts per day

Putting: the most important of all aspects of the game of golf

There are two keys to putting: 

Line: Sending the ball on the proper line
Distance: Hitting the ball with the proper distance control

While in your living room, or anywhere that has carpet, you can turn yourself into the putting "master of the world" (unofficial title based on over-exaggerated self confidence.)

Line – Week 1:

Turn the brick where the smaller wall is facing you. Take a magic marker and make a dot in the center, but only a half inch high. This is your target. 

Try putting 100 3-foot putts per day for one week. Your goal is to hit a firm putt that hits the center of the brick, or dot, each time. The putt should be firm enough that it comes back to you, so all you have to do is reload and putt again without having to reset your feet. You have to hit the dot 100 times. It might take you 130 attempts to hit the dot 100 times the first day, but by day seven you will hit that dot nearly every time. Your putting stroke has turned butter smooth and the club head is now on track.

Distance – Week 2:

Turn the brick to its widest part. Draw a dot in the center, a half inch off the ground.

Now your focus is distance control. Putt the ball 50 times from 10 feet. Of course, you would like to hit the center dot. However, hitting any part of the brick is fine; your goal is to have the ball lightly touch the brick. You don't want to be short, but you do want to lightly touch the brick and have it bounce back no further than 3 inches. You will notice how even your seemingly level living room will have subtle curves to it. When you have mastered this, try going back to 15 feet and then 20 feet. The further you go back, the more masterful you have to be at placing the right line and distance control on the ball to come to rest on the brick. Do this each day for one week.

Notice I'm not getting into the specifics of putting. Of course, there are several mechanical techniques that help improve your putting, but none of that is more important than practice itself. Putting is the part of the golf game that is more art than science. You have to work at your craft. Now, get out there and make your wife happy by placing a brick in the middle of your living room!