The Sand Matrix Move

Have you been hitting too much ball (home run shot over green) or too much sand (the dust clears and the ball rolls back into your freshly dug crater)?  If so, this is a move for you.

The Misconception
If you don't know already, the key to making a good green side sand shot is to miss the ball. Yep, miss it. If you hit the ball, it will likely be flying well over the flag stick and into trouble. The goal is to remove the layer of sand under the ball, allowing the sand to gently lift it and land softly on the green. If you have the leading edge entering the sand first (normal set up), then it will dig under the ball too much. Also, the top of the club can come through above the sand to catch the ball, compressing it and sending it too far.

So, how is this Matrix Move done?
First, position the ball 1" left (slightly forward) of the middle of your stance. This allows you to enter the sand center of the stance, 1-2" in front of the ball, to glide under it, then blast it out.  

Second, access the bounce of the club. The bounce is basically the sole of the club, the underneath part (image left). By twisting open the face, then re-gripping the club, we now add loft to the club and access the bounce. The bounce allows a gliding thump action to the sand, rather than a violent dig. Notice above, we want the back of the club to hit the sand, indicated by the yellow line.

Third, feel like you are removing a $1 bill out of the sand (or a $100 bill, if that motivates you more)...a blanket lifting the ball out and onto the green.

Matrix Engaged
Like Neo avoiding the bullet by laying back parallel to the ground to let the bullet pass over him, allow the back of the club to brush the sand, avoiding the ball. A wave of sand glides between the open face and the ball, escaping danger. Hinge up on the back swing, and snap it quickly pointing to the sky on the follow through.

So put it all together, see what you get...
a blockbuster hit!