Work The Ball – Hit Around a Tree

Are you good enough at hitting the ball straight now, but want to know how to move it either direction, or are you a chronic slicer who would like to know how to hit a hook, just once?

If you answered "yes" (I mean verbally out loud where everybody heard you) to either of these questions, I have the right drill for you!

Hit around a tree. I am not going to spend too much time telling you how to do it because you'll figure it out, but just for safety's sake, use foam golf balls. As a disclaimer for myself and Hidden Trails Country Club, we are not responsible for any injuries as a result of this drill. That being said, you should absolutely do it!

Low Handicapper
If you have a low handicap, I want you to align your feet either left or right of the tree swinging parallel to your alignment so that you can bend the ball around. You see Tiger aiming to the left of the tree below, wanting to hit a shot around the tree and into the fairway (or, knowing Tiger's ego, he's trying to go for the green.)


High Handicapper
However, if you have a high handicap wanting to learn the proper swing plane, I want you to align your feet straight at the tree. Now, use the foam golf ball and try to figure out how you are going to get it to start right of the tree, but bend the ball left again to land on the other side of the tree. I will give you a hint – swing to the right but have the club face square to the tree at impact. This cannot be done without swinging on plane, if not under plane.

That's it!  No more lesson. I have included this chart for you if that helps, and yes, people will be wondering what in the heck you were doing out there.

Adam Scott did it this week on the 18th hole at Doral to win the Cadillac Championship, so this is not a crazy request. It just may earn you $1 million someday!