The Hanger Makes The Gamer

Nobody loses a ball once they are on the green, so few people focus on improving in this area.  However, few pros win without putting being his/her main focus.

A regular clothes hanger provides a great tool for improving the set up, the grip, posture, alignment, and the stroke.

Notice the shaft and the grip line up perfectly with the forearms. The elbows are tucked, nearly brushing against the stomach. The posture is such that you are bent over enough that the eyes are over the ball (see figure 3.)

Hold the hanger and the grip with left hand, thumb down the top. The hanger is anchored into the point where the leg meets the bikini area.
Use the anchored hanger to feel the stroke of the club, back and forward, allowing a perfect pendulum stroke.

The hips are the most important part – they control how square the club face is to the target. Why? Because it is connected (anchored) to the club. As you move the hips left or right, the face will open and shut. No other time are you more aware of how square you are to the target line. When you are square, and feel square, the putting stroke feels more natural.

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