Free Your Mind and the Chest Will Follow

Confused on what parts of the body move during a simple pitch shot? 
The legs, the arms, the waist, the upper body?

To simplify it, use the swing thought "allow the chest to follow the ball."

  1. Quiet the lower body. Some take a regular stance, some like to move the feet close together.
  2. Place 70% of the weight on the front foot.  
  3. Use very little upper body movement in the backswing. Allow the arms to come back and hinge the wrist.
  4. Bring the arms through impact unleashing the wrist to toss the ball in the air.
  5. Allow the chest to follow the ball to the pin.

Very little movement of the lower body. Very little upper body during the back swing. 
Then, simply allow the chest to follow the ball to the pin.