Hybrids: Not Just For West Coast Tree Huggers

We all know the great benefits of using a hybrid to help get the ball up in the air, carry like it's supposed to, add extra forgiveness, and get some spin when it lands, but did you know it can be a great weapon around the green? Well, it is.

Next time you are at the course, grab a bunch of range balls (usually provided), and hit low run chip shots to the pin from off the green. It works best if it is in the short grass, but this shot can be used in the rough as long it can bounce through it and not have to roll through it.

If you have the magic touch with your wedges around the green, then this is not the shot for you,  but if you struggle hitting the green even when you are standing right next to it, then this is what you need to "default" to.  Hitting a sand wedge requires skill, touch, accuracy, spin, line, and the right amount of roll. If you mis-hit a sand wedge it is either by your feet or over the green. If you mis-hit a hybrid chip, you are putting from 15 feet rather than 3 feet.

You can be in the fairway or the surrounds (the short grass around the green), be 20 feet off the green, and still roll the ball to the target with more accuracy than a sand wedge on a tight lie.  Play it like a putt when you are close, and add more wrist action the further away you get. If you are in the rough, you will need more wrist action to pop it out.

Read The Shot

Since you are rolling the ball most of the way, you have to predict the course of the ball to send it on the right line. Hills closer to the hole move the ball more than hills that are closer to you because of the speed of the ball, so measure the movement accordingly. If you are on top of the hill, just nudge it to feed down to the green and stop rolling around the pin. You can mis-judge this shot, but you will rarely mis-hit it.