Get Groovy Wedges

TG recently had an interview with Roger Cleveland. He says that pros on tour change their wedges every 6-8 weeks and that we normal people should change ours once a year. He says that each time you strike a ball, the grooves dull slightly and obviously you want to maintain groove sharpness to generate spin. Do you change yours?

James Seikmann, the short game master teacher to the pros, was at our PGA annual meeting a few weeks ago and shared with us a chart showing wedge groove reduction per round of golf. I wish I had it for you, but I don't. Anyway, the chart showed that after 75 rounds of golf the ball loses about 50% of it's spin. After 125 rounds, the ball will lose 75% of its' spin. This is done on a mechanical arm (The Iron Byron), so results may very. The point being, for most of you, it is time to buy new wedges.

Look at the chart below. This survey was featured in  As you can see, 83% change out wedges every 2 years or longer. If any play more than a few times per month, they are past due for new ones. Think about it. We have Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Cleveland, and Tour Edge wedges for you to demo.