Easter Week is Easier Week

The season is finally here! The first start to the golf season is Daylight Savings on Sunday, March 12th, when the extra hour of daylight seems as though it is permission to play all day and into the night. The weather did not cooperate, so golfers failed to dust off the clubs. The second start to the season is Masters Week. We had a few days of nice weather last week, so golfers are beginning to come out of hiding. Both days have come and gone, so if you haven't began your season yet, it's time!

Last week was my favorite week of the year – Rangers baseball starts, Thunder runs for the playoffs, National Championship Basketball, MGA begins, the Masters...it has it all! What better way to follow such a week with another great one? This week we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus during Easter Week!

If your golf game is dead and buried, then let's resurrect it by making the game easier for you.  Let's pull a few tips from previous weeks and bullet point a few that will help you simplify the process of bringing your game back from the grave.

Learn to square the face of the club. Ask your pro, he can show you how, usually by checking/changing your grip.

Choose an extra club and swing easy.

Buy new wedges. After 75 rounds with wedges, you loose 50% of spin due to groove loss.

Try putting when you can putt (even off the green), putt using a hybrid or low lofted club when can't use a putter, equator blade a wedge when you can't do either of the first two, chip the ball if you can't do the first three, pitch if you can't do the first four, and flop only if your life depends on it.

Practice putting at home on the carpet against a brick. Groove the putter route so that it becomes smooth as butter. You can knock out 100 3 foot putts in 10 minutes. You do not need a green for that.

Start playing as much golf as possible. Statistics support that better golfers play more often. No replacement for playing, it is the biggest factor to improvement. 

Happy Easter Week!