Mastering The Wind

It's the greatest week of the year – opening day for baseball, Thunder run for the playoffs, NCAA National Championship, MGA Tuesday Nights begins, and The Masters all in one week. It is Christmas for the avid sports fan. With the Masters on the mind, let's talk about mastering our game. To be a master of any golf course in Oklahoma during the spring, you have to master the wind. It's usually mild temperatures between 75-85, but those days come with heavy wind in the spring time, whereas those temperatures tend to have less wind in the fall.

Wind does not only effect the ball, but it also effects your mental approach to the round.  Embrace the wind. If you accept the challenge of playing in a 20mph wind, then you already have an edge over your playing partners. Just learn about how it effects your ball, and adjust accordingly.

5mph Wind

On the mechanical arm (The Iron Byron), the average club head speed for a driver is set at 100mph. It hits 250 yards with no wind, 240 into the wind, and 260 downwind. That is a difference of 20 yards with a 5 mph wind.

20mph Wind

Now pump it up a bit to 20mph. Again, 250 yards no wind, 200 yards into the wind, and 275 yards downwind. Now we are talking about a 75 yards difference between into the wind and downwind. Pretty big difference. Now that can be frustrating after a solid shot into the wind, or that can be expected before you even hit, allowing it not to bother you as you just continue to negotiate the difficult conditions.

Into the Wind

Take 2 extra clubs more than you need, not just one.

Close the face a notch to deloft the club a few degrees for a lower, boring trajectory.

Swing easy. The easier you swing, the less backspin on the ball. The less back spin, the less lift and hold on the ball flight. It is less likely to float, drop, and stop.

To master the wind, you must master your mind. When you do this, you will master your friends on a windy day.